The Ian Worley Award

The intention of the Ian Worley Awards is to recognize students and faculty whose inspired, novel and creative ideas have led them to seek innovative paths in pursuing environmental goals. Establishing these awards was inspired by the empowering teaching of Ian A.Worley, former Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Director of the University’s Environmental Program. Dr. Worley’s integrative and creative approach to problem solving and scientific inquiry was inspiring and impactful to Gary Simpson, who initiated this award in the spirit of fostering and celebrating creative, integrative, imaginative and innovative approaches in dealing with the environmental challenges that face us.

End of the World

Karla Zurita - Community Art Installation

The ‘end of the world’ exhibition was an art installation made up of several local artists based in Burlington, Vermont. After the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, apocalyptic and disillusioned rhetoric became evermore pervasive. How do our collected visions of the future translate into art? Darkness is not the only possible reality for our future. white supremacy deems that there is only one future possible and that is a future of demise where the poor will die first because of forces of overpopulation and scarcity of resources. I have found that overpopulation and scarcity of resources is a continuum of Thomas Mathus’ population theory. our resources are not scarce rather they are not well-distributed, they are hoarded. This exhibition seeks to relinquish ideas of definite demise by celebrating bright colors and hanging pillows: something whimsical but deep. Isolation and quarantine has sparked comedy translated into memes and desperate desires for unconventional forms of art.

Karla shares her experience with the Ian Worley Award and how is helped shape her understanding of her major and the Environmental Program, take a listen!

Ripple Effect Podcast

“Ripple Effect” aims to foster and encourage conversation on climate change and a clean energy transition. Four UVM students, Josie Friedman, Rebeka Mendelsohn, Melissa Kampf, and Emma Crips, are taking a climate podcast idea from 2019 off the ground. They say it’s focused on solutions rather than problems.

The Ripple Effect Team reflects on the challenges and truimphs of their podcast, take a listen!

Soundscapes of Vermont

Athena Hendrick

Athena traveled around the State of Vermont over the summer researching Vermont’s phenology by recording soundscapes and taking photographs.

Athena talks about her experience traveling around Vermont over the summer and photographing the State’s amazing landscapes.

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